December 1
Charm Necklace
30% Off All Charms
No Code Needed
December 4
#2 Spray
#2 Spray
Only $3.95
December 7
Forgivien Keychain
Forgiven Key Chain
Only $3.95
December 10
Spa Package
Spa Package Special
Only $17.95
December 2
Peppermint Chocolate Body Butter
Body Butter
Only $5.50
December 5
Angel Earrings
20% Off Earrings
 No Code Needed
December 8
Charm Bracelet
20% Off Charm Bracelets
No Code Needed. Charms Not Included.
December 11
Lots of Lather Soap
Handmade Soap
Only $3.95
December 3
Charm Necklace Chain
Charm Necklace Chain
Only $5.95 (Does Not Include Charms)
December 6
Minty Lip Scrub
Minty Lip Scrub
Only $1.75
December 9
Charm Tree Of Life
Tree Of Life Charm
 Only $2.50
December 12
DaisyDee Art Studio Logo
12% Off Your Purchase
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