Essential oils offer great therapeutic benefits. Below are some of the oils we use in our spa products and their benefits.

Essential Oil Therapeutic Benefits
Bergamot Uplifting, inspiring, confidence-building
Eucalyptus Purifying, invigorating
Frankincense Calming, visualizing, meditative
Lavender Balancing, soothing, normalizing, calming, relaxing, healing
Peppermint Vitalizing, refreshing, cooling
Sweet Orange Cheering, refreshing, uplifting
Base Oils Therapeutic Benefits
Almond Oil Moisturizing, anti-inflammation, helps remove dark circles, reduce wrinkles, sun protection
Coconut Oil Moisturizing, reduce wrinkles, fights aging effects, protects against sun damage
Olive Oil Antioxidant protection, doesn’t clog pores, moisturizing, relieves itchy skin, fights aging effects
Shea Butter Moisturizing, reduce wrinkles, skin strengthening, skin regenerating